What to Expect

From the reception building, it is a short walk to the pools. Local guides will be happy to assist you on your journey...and they have the rope you need to get to the pools, so graciously accept their offer (a reasonable "tip" for this service is $5-10 USD).

Haiti is a developing country filled with warm and hospitable people, but do be prepared for modern amenities to be unavailable. Set your expectations for an adventure and embrace the challenge.

There are several artists at Bassin-Bleu who will be happy to show you their work (available for sale, due to lack of power only in cash) and the residents will gladly refresh you with local fruit (no charge, but you may want to bring a few $1 bills as a "thanks").

Very few persons in Bassin-Bleu speak English, so it may be in your best interest to practice French or reinforce your charades skills.

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